About the training program

Inclusion is about creating a workplace where individuals can feel free, comfortable and safe to be who they are, and where the diversity that a person brings to a workplace, team or organisation is not only accepted but celebrated and capitalised on. Building and embedding inclusion in workplaces involves a whole of company approach where every individual has a role to play.

Whilst inclusion for organisations involves making choices, it is no longer a choice - it is a necessity. Society is becoming more interconnected and diverse, and a growing body of research shows organisations that embrace diversity and inclusion are outperforming those that don’t. For corporates, this can be measured in improved profit and return on equity. For other organisations, it is about improved outcomes for the diverse communities they serve.

The Inclusion Program is designed to give all workers core skills and knowledge around inclusion in general, and specifically around some other diversity dimensions: First Nations, LGBTIQ+, gender equity, cultural diversity, disability, and generational diversity. The courses are highly engaging online learning experiences. They tell real stories, create empathy, make complex information digestible, and provide practical things people can do.

Content is largely delivered as short films, animations which make difficult concepts easier to understand, and interviews featuring real stories from diverse people, academics, and managers of diverse teams. It is complemented by activities designed to make people think about themselves. Additionally, further reading sections provide more detailed information on specific topics and links to a range of resources.